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SiO Browlift

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A reusable wrinkle-smoothing patch for the brow and forehead areas. This medical-grade silicone patch comfortably compresses the forehead area to increase hydration and moisture within the skin, leaving a smooth, plump appearance free of forehead furrows, expression lines, and the dreaded "11's" that lock your look into frown mode. The comfortable, medical-grade silicone patch creates a moisture-intensive microclimate that plumps, lifts and reduces the look of fine lines and expression creases.

HOW TO USE: Thoroughly clean skin with an oil-free cleanser and dry before applying the SiO Browlift patch. Use overnight or just a few hours for immediate results and over time for better, longer-lasting After use, store the patch in a resealable pouch with the adhesive side down on enclosed storage shield.

What’s Included: 1 Reusable SiO Browlift patch

All products can be reused up to 10 times